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Point of Sale Plus (Punto de Ventas Plus) was developed as a utility system for the commercial management of any business aimed at improving workflow and avoiding the loss of information.

The program is designed to be used by any user, regardless of their computer skills, in addition to being a useful guide. All the utilities and features are integrated and distributed in a very clear and easy-to-use manner.

Point of Sale Plus allows you to manage the database of items, clients, and suppliers with very detailed information, as well as the ability to view all the screens in list form with different ways to order them.

In addition, the program includes an effective system for users, inventory management, and the ability to make backups.

Point of Sale Plus is completely compatible with barcode readers and fiscal printers. It also allows you to use preprinted forms and quickly import and export data in Excel format.

Trial version limited to 100 uses or 30 days.

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